quarta-feira, 24 de junho de 2015

Fishing with the guys from robalos hotspot - by Phillip Rogers

Well to start with I would just like to say what a great bunch of chaps they really are, and these boy really know there fishing.

So a quick flight over from the UK to Porto, pick up luggage and rod tube and outside waiting for me is my good friend Pedro Cruz's dad, Jose (top man) and a quick drive to a restaurant and we are celebrating Pedro's birthday with family and friends, a really great night.

So this is where the fun starts back to the house unpack, start talking fishing over a couple of beers, plan where to go and what tactics to use!!

So with are plan sorted it was off to bed, I think we should of maybe got our heads down at bit earlier!!!! Getting up at five am was not easy, not easy at all but the draw of a nice bass manages to get me out of bed far easier than getting up for work! So fishing tackle in car and on are way to meet up with the boys Sergio Silva and Rui Monteiro alias (Urubu) as we arrive at the spot the guys were there waiting rods and tackle sorted. We are off across the beach and on to the rocks, the conditions look good a slight-side wind coming from the left but I can already see some nice white water breaking around the rocks and its a bit over cast perfect!

Urubu said he thought some one would catch!!! Surface lures are the order of the day, so we find our positions on the Rocks and start smashing out the lures. The first hour was a bit quiet but then from out of nowhere I hear Pedro shout and see Urubu rod bent over and he's in to a nice Bass, well hooked and fighting well,

The bass which he expertly guided around the rocks to Pedro, a nice fish, about 6lb.

So Back to the fishing and a few cast later Pedro has a good attack but the fish narrowly missed the lure!! The fish are still here but having had no luck off the top, I clip on a ima sasuke and smash it out across the hot spot and third cast fish on! A handsome 3lb bass was landed!

A big smile a great mornings fishing! cheers guys!

5 comentários:

  1. Ahahah vocês assim dão cabo dele!!
    É logo a por o homem de cueca molhada, já começa a ser praxe eheh :)

    E para o caso do Phillip vir aqui...

    Phillip, try not to be scared but....hum.....just a warning.,,,,

    Oh, and nice bass :)

    Grande abraço malta (cheers!)

  2. Hello People,

    It was more like a great morning with friends and even went wrong at all "just for some":).
    Phil, you did still with a good sea bass, you're to be congratulated friend.

    A big hug to all


  3. Great moments in a less positive phase of my life.
    I need to capture a good seabass to motivate me again!

    I'm betting all the chips in the Azores .. hope not disappoint me. Zé Pedro e Phillip Rogers we'll be back together in this paradise archipelago.

    Big hugs to all!

  4. Muito fixe pessoal..:-) Tenho a certeza que ele passou uns dias muito bons na vossa companhia meus amigos. Pois é impossível estar convosco e não partir o coco a rir e divertir...hehehe.
    Um grande abração para todos e muita saúde meus amigos

    Luís Malabar